New Year, New Blog

I have about a hundred paper books left after KonMari and this is the year I blog them! The to-read/to-reread ratio looks to be about 30/70, and among the TBR books are several hefty monographs (one has the delightful title From Communion to Cannibalism), a few nuts-and-bolts workbooks (What Color Is Your Parachute?A Poet’s Guide to Poetry, and An American Rhetoric), and Caroline Alexander’s Iliad and Emily Wilson’s Odyssey. I’ve also got Shakespeare’s sonnets (the Pelican edition), Elizabeth Bishop’s Poems, and all/most of Robert Frost (Complete Poems, Prose, and Plays).

Rereading will be great too. Here I’ve got Middlemarch and Wuthering HeightsSula and A Different DrummerThe Crossing and The Long Goodbye. I’ve also got You Are a Badass and The Art of PossibilityThe History of Sexuality and EconomixRhyme’s Reason and The Ode Less Travelled. Most of all I’ve got Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series, which is so dear to me, these nine might be my favorite fiction books.

Novik is one of my top three contemporary novelists; the others are Gillian Flynn and Megan Abbott. Flynn and Abbott I admire for reasons both intellectual and id-driven, but Novik I love from my heart. She’s the one among the three who writes characters, and though I don’t need characters in my fiction, when I meet ones I love I’m all adoration.

I’ve divided my collection up into units of five or fewer; if you notice a trend in consecutive posts, that’ll be why. Although I’ll not hold myself to reading every book in a unit before moving on, I’ll do my best to stick to this plan. Some measure of system is a good and enabling thing!

Stay tuned, and until soon!

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